The National Festival for Heritage and Culture “Janadria” (1985 – present)

It is a heritage and cultural festival that has been taking place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1405 A.H/ 1985. The first session of the festival was held in March 24th, 1985. The date of the festival is often set in spring during February and March. It attracts a lot of visitors from inside and outside the kingdom and is held under the supervision of the Saudi National Guard Ministry.

The main priority of the heritage side of the festival is to highlight the various aspects of folklore that are represented in handmade and traditional crafts in order to connect them to the reality of our contemporary present. Furthermore, to keep them as one of the main objectives of the festival and to highlight them for what they have been representing of authentic human and cultural creativity for the people of the country over the past generations, in addition to the fact that it is considered an attraction element for the visitors.

Festival activities:

  • Camel Racing.
  • Bazaar.
  • Traditional Arts and Games.
  • Handicrafts.
  • Heritage shows for the Emirates of the region.
  • Traditional Costumes.
  • Operetta.
  • Book Fair.
  • The Holy Mosque service exhibition.
  • Equestrian and endurance race.
  • The Documents and Photos Center.
  • Governmental institutions and companies.
  • Traditional Poetry.
  • Hosting one of the world’s countries to participate.
  • Heritage shows for the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.


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