Kids Cancer Day (February 15’th)



Kids Cancer Day (February 15’th)

The international institutions and organizations are concerned with the health of the children who are infected with cancer. They seek to provide the psychological, social and physical care for them. In that purpose, an international childhood cancer day was assigned for those who are infected with this deadly disease in order to raise the awareness of the seriousness of this disease and the methods of diagnosing and treating it. February 15th of every year has been identified as an international day for childhood cancer awareness.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) statistics, 80% of the children infected with cancer live in the developing countries. The infection risks increase among infants. There are 12 types of childhood cancer: Leukemia and brain cancer are the most common ones among children. The American Cancer Society reports estimate that there are 10,000 children diagnosed with this disease yearly before the age of fifteen. On the local level, some statistics indicate that the number of children younger than 15 years old and infected with cancer has reached 6113 cases between 1998 and 2005: 3379 of which are males and 2734 are females.


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