ACDelco Service Center


ACDelco Service Center

\ ACDelco Service Center
Creative . Campaign . Exhibition. Design

ACDelco Service Centers is part of Aljomaih Automotive Company.
Prism through this project established ACDelco Saudi Arabia to the next five years to take its natural course of brand visibility, value, and consistency. Powering it with accurate messages and positioning through professional design practices and creative solutions thinking.

ACDelco campaign 1
ACDelco campaign 2
ACDelco campaign 3
ACDelco campaign 4
ACDelco campaign 5
ACDelco campaign 6a

\ Exhibition & Marketing Material

The uplifting in pharmacy customers experience and interior branding, required to create a collection images to highlight this environment experience. The collection will add value to website content and overall appearance. It will influence online customer to raise trust and layalty in orange pharmacies depending on preplaned story highlighting the brand.

ACDelco campaign 8
ACDelco campaign 7
ACDelco campaign 9
ACDelco campaign 10
ACDelco campaign 11

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