Enjaz Company


Enjaz Company


There was inconsistency between the communication tools of the company, different logo versions. collaterals created depending on different taste of print houses, no guide nor coherent, market positioning or corporate identity.



The first step was to refresh the logotype with small tweaks that modernize
but still keep the original look and feel of the logo.

Prism Team gave precise process to elevate the company image from logo into an identity that states and reflects its position in the market and reveal it History of existence since 1962.


With the logo been revamped, now a visual style should be implemented

to expand the identity and emphasize on the new market positioning

(Excel For Tomorrow).

This what we call
Visual System


The Corporate Profile

To present the company in the best business manners, we created a professional designed series of brochures that strategically positions Enjaz divisions & services separately while providing united introductory and history about the company.

Enjaz 5a
Enjaz 6

Reflect concistancy of brand

Since the corporate colors and visual style are already defined,
the communication tools should follow that structure.

With this, the design of the stationery impact with
legibility and consistency.

Enjaz 7a
Enjaz 8a

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